This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Rush Lynx is a Balance


type beyblade that should not be underestimated

Face Bolt: LynxEdit

The Face bolt depicts Lynx, one of the 88 constelations in space the face isthe same a Beat Lynx's.

4D Energy Ring: LynxEdit

The 4D energy ring is 2 sided with paws sticking out on bolth sides to look like a Lynx's paws would. It is the same color as Beat Lynx

4D Fusion Wheel: RushEdit

Metal WheelEdit

The Metal wheel of Lynx is like a bigger Midnight without the circle like objects where there are just gaps and without the thin parts on the wings it can be flipped 360 degrees to change modes from Attack mode to Defence mode.


The Core has two spickes or, " Claws" on 1 side and two balls on the other. They are bolth metal. When the metal wheels gaps are letting the spickes stick out it's in Attack Mode and when the balls are not covered it's in Defence Mode.

4D Tip: Triple Hight: DriveEdit

Triple Hight Drive can actually make the bey higher or lower throughout the battle depending how you set it. If you set it one way it'll go up and another way it'll go down.



Lynx Claw Slash: Lynx goes into attack mode and repetively slashes with the spickes.

Lynx Pounce: The bey jumps on the other and wears it down


Lynx Stance: It stays in one spot and deflects attacks

Special MovesEdit

Lynx Rushing Claw Destroy: Lxnx glows gold and jups into the air and shoots downward in a spiral motion.

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