Template:BoRPBBB-026 Rook Hazaroth is the Twenty-Seventh release in the Micro Disk System. Is is a Class-A Top.

Trajectory Cap: HazarothEdit

Hazaroth literally means "Doomsday Clock". The cap design resembles the upper-left portion of the Doomsday Clock emblem, with the linear hands representing Hour and Minute. (Trans. Smoke Indigo)

Contact Ring: RookEdit

Rook is a Class-A Ring. The pattern for Rook resembles a faintly spaced pattern of upside-down triangles and what are supposed to be the minute-markers from a linear clock/watch.

Spinpoint: Bearing Shallow Defense Edit

BSD is fairly identicle to the standard Shallow Defense, exception being this uses three oiled bearings for controlled boost on spin. (Trans. Smoke Indigo)

Spinpoint Shaft: Metal Neutral ShaftEdit

Metal Neutral is a heavier version of Neutral Height. Using a 50/50 material ratio. (Trans. Ice Blue Plastic)

Body Shell: Staircase Maximum WideEdit

SMW is a uniquely designed body shell in the respect that it isn't symmetrical. As the perimeter winds in a staircase-spiral. This randomizes smash and powered charges. (Trans. Smoke Indigo)

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