Robotic Drakgon is a Attack type Bey. It is one of the many beyblade created and owned by Beymaniac505. It is part of the Drakgon Series.
Robotic Drakgon AC:T

Facebolt: Drakgon Robot Ver.Edit

Drakgon Robot Ver. depicts a dragon with many mechanical parts like lazer eyes and metal teeth. It has a face of this robot Dragon looking to the left. It is black with a grey background. The facebolt is transparent Black.

Energy Ring: Drakgon Robot Ver.Edit

Drakgon has eighteen small protrusiuons that can easily uppercut beyblades. It is fitted with heavy metal in the inside and fossilized lazers. It is hard and doesn't break easily. It has the ability to switch from Attack mode to Stamina mode. In Attack Mode, the protrusions stay closely packed together and can uppercut. In Stamina Mode, the protrusions stick out and makes it heavier at the ends which gives Drakgon it's stamina.

Fusion Wheel: RoboticEdit

Robotic is huge and bulky. It has 3 parts:

Metal Frame :Edit

The Metal Frame is made of two parts.

Barrage Frame:Edit

The Extreme Barrage Frame, as it's name suggests, speciallizes in Barraging. It has 8 Metal Dragon Teeth that follow a tornado like pattern.

Smash Frame:Edit

The Smash Frame, as it's nome suggests, speciallizes in Smash Attacks. It can be switched to Attack Mode to Balance Mode by twisting the Frame 90 degrees in any direction. This Frame cannot be removed and is attached to The Barrage Frame.


The core is a basic, circular core with not much detail. It is made of polycarbonate and is somewhat a PC Core. This Core can be fitted with every Drakgon Fusion Wheel.

4D Performance Tip: Automatic Cannon: TrackEdit

AC:T has a special track that is filled with small bearings. These bearings can be fired out automatically when the bey has extremely high spin. This 4D Performance Tip is not really a Performance Tip" but a 4D Performance Track. The tip is a Ball Sharp.


Lazer Beam: Drakgon converts 5% of his attack power to increase his RPM and allows AC:T to fire cannons.

Metal Wing Slash: Drakgon goes into Attack Mode (Inbalanced wheel) and uppercuts the opponent

Accelerate: Drakgon converts 5% of his stamina to speed.

Special MovesEdit

4 Drakgon Spirit AttackEdit

All 4 Drakgons (Beast) appear and charges into the opponent. The opponent will be stunned for a while after the attack.

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