This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Rex Azazel is a Beyblade owned by Noah. It resembles the Azazel goat demon

Face bolt:AzazelEdit

Energy Ring:Azazel Weight 9.5 gramsEdit

Azazel energy ring consists of a orange fire piece with criss crosses diagnally.

Fusion wheel:RexEdit

Rex is similar to Rock only with square edges circled around. It is also one of the most effective defensive types.

Spin track: YA 235 WEIGHT;2.8 GRAMSEdit

YA 235 featuresd two blades which rotate around the track freely. Because of its spnning nature they can be used in defensive combinations.

Perfomance tip:BallEdit

Ball tip keeps it steady. When being hit it maintains its strong grip on the floor and does not slip out of the stadium.

Special movesEdit

Burning Horn Strike: Azazel fires flames at the opponents bey and fire emerges from it's horn attacks the opponent with them.

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