This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Reverse Icarus Reverse:Flats is an attack type bey owned by Aarone of team SkyRaiders, and was almost banished from Sky Raiders, until it ultimatly tied with FastBlade and Freedom Eagle V:W.

Face Bolt: IcarusEdit

The face deplicts Icarus, from ancient Greek myths, who escaped with his father from an evil king. However, when he flew too high with his wax wings, they melted and Icarus fell to his death. The face is split into two sections; One showing Icarus flying, and the other showing Icarus' wings on fire. This is all on a transparent blue face with yellow print.

Energy Ring: IcarusEdit

The Icarus energy ring is very similar to that of Lacerta, exept the letters on Lacerta are replaced with wings similar to Pegasus, and has thick "candle wicks" on the side. It is a clear Yellow colour. This is also a L/R ring that only fits on Reverse and Gravity.

4D wheel: ReverseEdit

Reverse has an entire line of blades or "wings" all around the wheel, which face clock-wise. These blades are good for attacking with, and for defending with. However, this wheel shows it's greatness when sucking the blades in and switching them with COUNTER clock-wise blades. This means that this is a L/R wheel, and can only work with the Perseus and Icarus ring.

4D Performance Tip: Reverse:FlatEdit

R:F is an amazing tip, as it can be eiether a Left Flat, or a Right Flat. The type of flat that is used is determined by whatever direction Icarus is spinning in.

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