This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Requiem Hydrus TF145RMSF

Requiem Hydrus TF145RMSF is the evolution of Acid Hydrus and is used by Rage Xes and is More powerful than Acid Hydrus MF125RMS.

Face BoltEdit

The facebolt has an engraving of the hydra and the bit beast of Hydrus.

Energy RingEdit

The energy ring has 14 Dragon heads and is red and gold.

Fusion WheelEdit

Its design is of 14 jagged lower jaws of dragon heads its colour is green.

Spin TrackEdit

Titanium Fang is 7 fangs that stay put while spinning and steal spin the other bey's spin.

Performance TipEdit

Rubber Metal Spike Flat allows the bey to catch the opponents beys and helps the spin track.


Fusion Blast: Engulfs the opponets bey in flames.

Acid Fog: Creates a mist which only Hydruses owner can see through.

Neutral Booster: Cannibalises its stats taking from where not needed and adding to where needed.


Requiem Jaw: 12 of the heads grip the opponents bey and eats the opposing bey.

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