Re-quip are specialized Beyblading accessories of which, can be attached onto your Fanon Beyblade to be utilized in a Fanon battle. Nova Gear can be made out of any known material: metal, rubber, wood, etc. Which will augment the strength of your bey.


  1. Re-quip's are available at the start of a Blader's journey.
  2. Re-quip's are attatched at the start of the battle.
  3. Re-quip's are activated in battle by calling out the phrase "Re-quip ~Re-quipName~ Boost!!
    1. Only one Re-quip can be used in a Beybattle.


Re-quip's are objects that are applied before the battle and activating during. Re-quip's are used for basic power augmentation of a beyblade, such as one that attaches to the fusion wheel in order to boost its strength. Re-quip's often possess augmentation for a bey, such as one that increases the elemental features of a beyblade. Re-quip's are used for a longer period of time and are often used to boost the strength of one's "Abilities" and "Special Moves", but they take longer to recharge for renewed use in battle. Re-quip's possess great potential but also a great risk.


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