This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Ray Pegasus M145F (also known as Pegasus 2.0) is the guardian beyblade of Dan of Aquos in Beyblade: RX.

Special movesEdit

Pegasus Maximum Striker: Pegasus keeps hitting the opponent until the other bey stops spinning.

Endurance Mode: Pegasus goes into a defensive pattern.

Dark movesEdit

Sonic Destruction: Reduces opponent's bey's balance and stamina.

Face bolt: PegasusEdit

The face bolt depicts Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space. The design resembles the Cyber Pegasus face bolt, but instead of PS, it says 2.0.

Energy ring: PegasusEdit

This energy ring resembles the Galaxy ring but with the words 2.0 printed on the sides.

Fusion wheel: RayEdit

The Ray wheel is big on smah attack but low on retaining stamina.

Spin track: M145Edit

This spin track is great in attacking, but when you move the tip to the left or right, it is shown to have decreased spin power.

Preformance tip: FEdit

It is good in retaining attack power, but slow in terms of defense, balance, and stamina.


Ray Pegasus m145
Attack Defence Balance Stamina Speed
55 Moderate 40 Low 40 Low 11 Low 50 Moderatwe

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