This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Rage Dracon DA145SRS
Rage Dracon DA145SRS is a Balance-Type beyblade to be owned by Vice97 when it is registered.

Face Bolt: DraconEdit

This Face Bolt depicts a chinese dragon that appears on a red face bolt.

Energy Ring: DraconEdit

This energy ring has two dragons englufed in flames that swirls around in a circular manner.

4D Fusion Wheel: RageEdit

This wheel has three dragon heads on it that has good attack stamina and defence.

Metal Frame:

The Metal Frame has three dragon heads on it that can deal powerful attacks and good defence and stamina as well. It has two modes attack mode and defence mode, these modes is changed by adjusting the metal frame.


The core is round and steady to keep the balance of the bey.

Spin Track: Deflect Attack 145Edit

This track has three free spinning wheels on it that absorbs and deflects attacks from the other beys. It's red in colour.

Performance Tip: Steady Rubber SharpEdit

This tip is a bulkier and steadier upgrade of RS and it has amazing grip so it won't be easy to knock out.

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