Rage Ammita A140 MWD is a stamina type beyblade and is owned by luigi647. It evolves into Terror Ammita EO:D. it is a part of The Five and is forrbidden.

Face Bolt: AmmitaEdit

The face bolt depicts Ammit, the egyption creature that ate the unpure hearts of the dead. It has the face of a crocodile, the front half of its body is a jaguar, and the back half of the body is a hippo.

Energy Ring: AmmitaEdit

The Ammita Energy Ring has three "claws" swiping out of the Metal Wheel. It only works with the Rage Wheel combo. It is great for Attack and Defense combos. As well as being bulky, it is great for outlast powers.

Metal Wheel: RageEdit

The Rage Wheel is a very long and thick wheel. It bears a resemblance to the Grand Wheel only longer.It is however a very dangerous metal part. The energy ring is more of what hits the opponent.

Spin Track: Attack 140 Edit

The A140 Spin Track is powerful in defense. The inner part is completly metal. It attacks the opponent and weights it.

Performance Tip: Metal Wide Defense Edit

MWD is a powerful stamina Tip that is very heavy. Only the sharp part of the tip is metal. It is usful for stamina combos.

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