Beafowl: A majestic Peacock that has a dark evil side and can be a problem for alot of other beys and is
KillerBeafowl starter d2 jpg=450
very strong with the ability to fly.

Poison: This wheel has 15 blades that can be used for a barrage attack or for a strong defense. This wheel will block of most normal moves like rushing moves. On the down side the poison wheel is one of the easiest wheels to break.

ED145: This spintrack allows the bey that is using it to be able to dodge normal attacks from the bottom or side of the bey. The drawback is that if the spintrack hits the ground it tends to make the bey fall of balance and makes it use alot of stamina which can be a huge flaw.

EWD: This performance tip allows the bey to have incredible defensive powers and alot of stamina. This is a performance tip that allows incredible balance and stamina. It takes alot to move this bey thanks to this performance tip.

This is a Defense type bey that has stamina power behind it and if you get in it's face it can show you some awesome attack power. Beafowl has a quick movent pattern to dodge alot of attacks and if you can catch up with it's Eternal Defense spintrack will ward it off. And the poison wheel with 15 Blades blocks all attacks that get past the strength of my spintrack and performance tip. This wheel can also attack with the 15 blades in a barrage type pattern.

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