Platinum Cygnus M230 XD is a extremely powerful stamina type beyblade owned by an unknown blader Brequ1

Facebolt CygnusEdit

The face resembles a white swan that has its wings spreaded and and is about to fly away. The motif is painted on a dark blue face bolt.

Energy Ring CygnusEdit

The Energy Ring has 4 dull swan heads pointing to the right. Each swan head appears to have 2 completely black eyes and also has 9 feathers over lapping each other and pointing to the right. It's opaque ghost white colour.

Fusion wheel PlatinumEdit

The Platinum wheel is the tallest wheel. Measuring 14 mm tall. This wheel is perfectly round and most of the weight is on the outside, which makes it the best stamina wheel. If battling attack type beyblades at over 130 hight, it also has high defence because of it's thickness and weight, which the weight is 60 grams. Platinum is also perfectly balanced so it outclasses Earth, Basalt (Tempo), Phantom and Scythe in Stamina and Defence.

Track Metal 230Edit

Track is one of the best tracks because it is made out of metal, which makes the track 14 grams which makes it the heaviest track in Beyblade history. It is perfectly smooth to minimise recoil. the only down side is most of the weight is focused at one point, which decreases stamina but if combined with Platinum or Phantom, the effect is redused.

Bottom Xtreme DefenceEdit

This bottom outclasses WD because it is a bit wider. this brings an advantege compared to the other Defence tips. When the bey is loosing stamina, the bey will spin on the edge instead of the wheel hitting the stadium floor and stopping instantly.this is advantegous if your launch is at least as powerful as your opponent


Energy drainEdit

the bey will rub againsed the opponent reducing it's stamina by Platinum Cygnus's heavy weight. (does not gain stamina)

SDA (stunning debre attack Edit

the bey will attack the stadium wall which causes the debre to stun the opponent.

RDA (ricochet debre attackEdit

the bey will use SDA and suddenly ricochets around the stadium which causes hundreds of flying debre to hit the opponent. At the end the bey charges the at the opponent

Special MovesEdit

Zeus WingEdit

The bey will create a earth shaking shockwave that knockes out the opponent out of the stadium


  • Metal 230 is the heaviest spintrack
  • Through testing, Platinum Cygnus M230 XD the average time of spinning is 7:24 minutes and maxed out with 8:09 minutes using a Rev Up Launcher
  • The Cygnus Energy Ring can't fit the basalt wheel

Platinum Cygnus M230 XD's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
50 115 50 40 25

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