Dark Angel by LordHannu-72619
Platinum Angel Final:judgement is an balance type beyblade created by Peter Goodwill (i know, too lazy to log in) and has qualities of all types. platinum is a 4d metal wheel which can change between free spin mode, armor mode, and barrage assault mode, while the new system the 4d clear wheel can change between defense, attack, and stamina.

4d clear wheel: AngelEdit

this clear wheel can change between defense, which has a smooth surface, attack, which deals barrage attack, and stamina, which improves air flow to obtain more stamina.

attack: 4 defense: 4 stamina: 3

4d metal wheel: PlatinumEdit

PC frame: this is used to change between free spin mode. When not in use it is hidden.

Metal wheel: this is used to change between Armor mode, which is flipped over to make the surface flat for better defense, and for barrage assault mode, which shows 6 blades that resemble wings to deal barrage and a great deal of assault attack. If it is in free spin mode then the pc frame will be the main contact point.

Core: this area is just to help support the beyblade, but has free spinning plastic blades for attack and defense.

attack: 4 defense: 4 stamina: 4

4d performance tip: Final:JudgementEdit

this tip works almost like a combination of rubber defense flat, and final survive. when it first starts, it is in rubber flat defense which is a tip that looks like wide defense with a chunk of the tip come off for very fast movement, and very hard to give this beyblade a stadium out. but when it loses stamina, a mechanism makes it change into metal ball mode, which makes this bey switch between attack and defense to defense and stamina. this ensures that this is still hard to give this bey a stadium out while maintaining it's stamina because of the metal, which has less friction than plastic.

attack: 5 defense: 5 stamina: 2

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