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Phazer Unicorno L:D is an Attack-Type Beyblade that will appear in Beyblade: Seeking The Legends. It is owned by Typhlo. It is the evolution of Lazer Unicorno LW125LB. It's evolution is Vaporizer Unicorno L:L.Template:Beast2

Face Bolt: Unicorno IIIEdit

The Face Bolt depicts a Unicorn that looks to the left. This face stores lightning inside of it so it can shock the opponent. It is blue in colour.

4D Energy Ring: Unicorno IIIEdit

The Energy Ring has three Unicorn horns that goes clockwise. These horns can deal powerful upper attacks due to the horns shape. The ring is green in colour while the horns has yellow colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: PhazerEdit

PC FrameEdit

The PC Frame is shaped like the horns of a Unicorn, and can be turned around to change between Attack Mode and Upper Mode.

Metal FrameEdit

The Metal Frame has three spikes that fits in with the PC Frame and the Core. These spikes are very good for smash attacks.


The Core has six spikes that attacks lower opponents and works like Phantom Orions core. It can change between two modes, Defense Mode and Barrage Mode. It can camofluage the bey. It is dark purple in colour.

4D Performance Tip: Lightning Drive (L:D)Edit

This tip is a 100 track with a MF tip that stores lightning that speeds up the bey and shocks opponents on command, thanks to the metal on the tip. It is green in colour.

Phazer Unicorno L:D's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
205 145 190 190 145


Special MovesEdit

Lightning Javelin Strike: Unicorno tosses the opposing bey into the air and spears it with lightning.

Metal Thunder Blast: Unicorno's fusion wheel begins to glow and begins to shoot bullets of lightning at the opponent.

Ultimate Lightning Sword: Unicorno gathers the lightning collected from it's tip and rams the opponent with all of it's power.


The beast in this Bey is a Unicorn with green lightning symbols all over it's body.

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