this bey was found by ultra when he went to egypt to battle.

this is this beys original beast

face bolt: pharohEdit

the pharoh face bolt depicts a pharoh's face it comes with a tatooed metal face.

energy ringEdit

the pharoh energy ring is light brown and has sand paper stickers. it has an egyptian cane on both sides.

metal wheel: egyptianEdit

the metal wheel egyptian has sand on it and is brown and has thunderbolt designs on it. the metal wheel can teleport after it is hit by a special move. the design is similiar to the storm wheel design.

spin track: ssEdit

the spin track ss stands for stealth spin and can spin so fast that you cannot see it. it is a small track and is smaller than the 105 track.

performance tip: wcEdit

wc stands for wide crush and when the tip hits opponent the blade gets broken at the area that was hit.


desert cloth: pharoh uses its fast spinning track to build up speed and attack (only can be used in pyramid stadium) and to make a sand barrier around the two beys and the sand ball explodes but the other bey is the only one that gets effected.

teleporting drill barrage: pharoh uses his tip to teleport and barrage the opponent from all over and drilling into its metal wheel.

quick sand vortex: pharoh shoots out quick sand from its sand paper stickers and the opponent gets sucked up into the vortex where their beys are stuck in sticky mud. if they do some how come out they will have mud inside of their beys peices slowing them down.

signature moveEdit

sandstorm tomb blast: pharoh blasts a sandstorm at the opponents bey sending them flying and their pieces full of sand.

special moveEdit

desert tornado: the bey uses its drill tip and its fast spintrack and its sand paper to create a giant sand tornado.

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