MT-U5 Personal Blader Kit: Arc 2 is the second starter of indefinitely random parts which build a whole Beyblade. This ties in with Beyblade: Metal Tides. It also gives Beybladers a chance to build a real signature top.

Color SetsEdit

Unlike random boosters in Beyblade Metal Fight, the color palette goes up to 300 different colors, each one corresponding to a " design class" of generic clear wheels. This includes milky hues and opaque wheels (Ambassador). Each part (save for the metal wheel) are colored according to the 300 possible hues. Therefore no Beyblade should ever be exactly the same color and part-wise.

Metal WheelsEdit

Metal Wheels in Arc 2Edit

  • Midnight
  • Night
  • Torch
  • Galaxy
  • Poison
  • Burn
  • Flame
  • Thermal
  • Killer
  • Earth


Tracks in Arc 2Edit

  • 90
  • 100
  • 105
  • CH120
  • T125
  • 130
  • SW145
  • C145
  • GB145
  • M145


  • R2F
  • WF
  • HF
  • JB
  • WB
  • MS
  • WD
  • B
  • RF


  • Any booster containing M145 will always have 'Q' included, considering its strict compatibility

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