Peace Fanglongmon
is one of the three brother beys and is the most powerful. Also it is the leader of the 3 beys and it is a Defense type.

Face Bolt: FangelmonEdit

this face depicts the beast on the right.

Energy Ring: FangelmonEdit

this shows 4 beasts circling around.the energy ring and it is very well balanced. So it goes good with the fusion wheel. Another thing is that see the spikes on the beast (look right) those stand tall out of the metal wheel so if anything attacks from above they will get hurt too.

Fusion Wheel: PeaceEdit

This is a great defense wheel because it is a cross of eagle and twisted it has 2 wings not 4. they are quite heavy and the gaps on the wheel that separate the 2 wings are VERY slight. So it is good for defending. Also the wheel is as heavy as twisted and earth fused together.

Spin Track: Heavenly DefenseEdit

This track is a defense track that is free spinning with ball bearings so no rattling occurs when hit. Also it is one big circle the size of the metal wheel. It is 3/4 of the hight of 230 (AKA flame Byxis' track). Also this track has rubber on it

Performance Tip: Free DefenseEdit

This is a cross of wide defense and a free spinning tip it is as wide as wide defense but the tip of it is free spinning. So it's stamina is much better and it can spin for a longer amount of time. Also the free spinning can be stopped during battle when commanded. So this helps when one wants stamina with a wide defense tip.



Unstoppable: In this ability the bey uses it's locked spinning mode on it's tip to help it become unmovable by letting the outer tip spin and the free spinning part that isn't spinning to help it not move. Uses: 3

Revive: In this ability the bey uses the wind that it's track creates to regain spin and make the bey spin a little faster.

Rapid Assult: in this moove peace Fanglongmon goes charging at the other bey and rams into it VERY hard. And if it gets reflected and there are walls then it will fly up into the air and come down crashing into the bey from above and crush it. But if it does not reflect the attack it just rams into it about 2 or 3 more times. Uses:3

Special MoveEdit

Fusion Attack: In this attack it fuses with Chaos Zhuqiaomon and Dark Smasher to create a extremly powerful bey that rams into opponents to attack. Another thing is that when the bey uses this attack it blnds the person you are battling so they can't command their bey.

Peace Fanglongmon's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
60 70 60 90 70

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