Pattern Libra E:S is a stamina bey owned and used by Daniel. It may be up for sale sometime in the future.

Face Bolt: LibraEdit

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Libra, the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. Libra’s symbol is The Scales, and this motif is featured on the Beyblade’s Face and Energy Ring.

Energy Ring: LibraEdit

The regular release of Libra is a translucent green, featuring scales on opposite sides. The long slants on the side are exellent for ring attacks

Wheel: PatternEdit

Pattern is similar to Death in thickness, and has two "Spiral Staircases of Death On eiether side inside. Pattern is also shaped like burn. It has a tremendous secret: It can shoot out two powerful magnets from the Spiral Staircases.

4D Tip: Eternal SpinEdit

E:S is an amazing tip, as it has a magnet in the inside. This means whenever there is another magnet under it, it will spin forever. E:S can also spin Left, depending all on the magnetism. Basically, the only way to defeat E:S (On a magnet) Is to destroy the magnet, or smash it out of the stadium.

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