Overdrive Libra OC120 XWF

Overdrive Libra is a bey made by Saturoda and is available for purchase at Des's Fanon Store.

Face:Libra IIEdit

A regular Libra face. It is Green with on orange design though. It stores Sonic Energy to use in it's Special Move.

Clear Wheel: Libra IIEdit

It resembles the original Libra wheel. The only difference is that it has a special componet that allows it to create a wall of Sonic energy to up it's defenses. It is a special ability called Sonic Defenser.

Fusion Wheel: OverdriveEdit

Metal Frame: OverEdit

The Over Metal Frame has a three triangular protrusions that can split apart or slide in next to the Drive core. It provides smash attack and can store the sonic vibrations from an attack and send it to the Core.

Core: DriveEdit

The drive core has three rectangular protrusions that provide defense. It stores sonic vibrations and sends them to the Energy Ring.

Spintrack: Overdrive Change 120Edit

The spin track can switch between a 120 and a 100 height.

Performance tip: XWF (eXtremely Wide Flat)Edit

It is an eXtreme Flat that is as wide as a Wide defense.

Special movesEdit

Overdrive Smash: Sonic Waves batter the opposing beyblade and cause Stamina loss.


Sonic Defenser: Creates a wall of Sonic energy to provide a defensive barrier.



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