This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

origin pegasus is the first beyblade EVER which caused the big bang. this version has a 4d performance tip triple plan which has 3 modes which changes automatically into: rubber flat, rubber semi flat, and metal sharp. when not in use, it is normally in metal sharp mode. when in metal sharp, it can be very tall.

5d clear wheel: originEdit

this wheel has 2 parts, the ability wheel, and the support wheel, which you can rotate 180 degrees to raise either attack, or reduce recoil.

attack: 4 defense: 2 stamina: 1

4d metal wheel: pegasus V Edit

this wheel has 4 modes: attack mode, barrage attack mode, recoil mode, or assault mode, which attack mode is considered "regular" mode, barrage mode as it is, recoil mode reduces recoil, and assault mode which is VERY good at 1 hit ko's but has low stamina, which can be done by flipping and sliding the metal wheel, core, or pc frame

attack: 5 defense: 2

4d performance tip: triple planEdit

triple plan changes between rubber flat, rubber semi flat, and metal sharp which is caused by the centifurgal force, which makes it so that it changest between attack and stamina. in metal sharp mode, the tip is very tall, and the metal sharp looks like a mini needle tip instead of the common one. this tip outclasses F:S, D:D, hf/s, and F:D. this is almost even with L:S

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