This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Ocean Ketos F:B is a Balance-Type beyblade at sale at 98Eagle's Beyblade Shop

Face Bolt: KetosEdit

The face represents the whale, Cetus. It is one of the 88 star constellations.

Energy Ring: KetosEdit

Cetus's Energy Ring comes in white with sky blue waves and blue with aqua blue waves. It has a wave pattern, along with two fish tails at the sides, looking like a whale diving into water. It is very balanced so it is good for Stamina/Defense/Balance type customs.

4D Fusion Wheel: OceanEdit

The Ocean wheel has two large whale fins that goes in a rightward circular movement and that the fins being thick and large it has good defence stamina and balance.

Metal Frame:

The metal frame has two large whale fins that can change between Defence mode and stamina mode. stamina mode is the mode when the metal frame is free-spinning and defence mode is when the whale fins are not free-spinning, these modes can be change by flipping the metal frame.


The core is round with small notches on it that protects it from lower opponents.

4D Performance Tip: Fin BashEdit

This tip has an auto change ability that allows it to switch from a WD to an EDS. It's sea-blue in colour.

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