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Ocean Hydra is used by Dave, a blader who was inspired by Hikaru and tries to get her back into beyblading.
Ocean Hydra EA150RHF



Energy Ring:


4D Fusion Wheel:


Spin Track EA150

Eternal Axe

Performance Tip


Rubber Hole Flat

Beast and Special Moves






Facebolt: HydraEdit

Hydra is a shade lighter than indigo with one blue dragon head going straight up from the black dot in the middle, two heads going up and then curving down around the first one, and two going towards the lower left and lower right corners.The heads are lined in metal.The motif is printed on.

Energy Ring: HydraEdit

The Energy Ring works in a way similar to L-Drago, with 5 heads.The heads coated in rubber, and the tips of the heads are titanium. It is 2-3 shades lighter than the facebolt.

Fusion Wheel: OceanEdit

It has: the texture of Basalt, the shape on Grand, and the indentations of L-Drago. The amalgation of great Defense wheels and a great Attack wheel makes for great combinations with either type. It is an insanely dark shade of blue, but not dark enough to be confused with black.

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