This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Obliterate Hydrus A:JB is the third and final evolution of Acid Hydrus MF125RMS and is used by Rage Xes .

Facebolt: Hydrus IIIEdit

The face bolt has an image of the hydra.

Energy Ring: Hydrus IIIEdit

The Energy Ring is Hydrus 3 and is has 28 Heads and fuses with the Fusion Wheel.

4D Fusion Wheel: ObliterateEdit

PC Frame: The PC frame is similar to the inside of the Requiem wheel.

Metal Frame: The Metal frame represents the lower jaws of 28 dragon heads.

4D Preformance Tip; Attract Jog BallEdit

Attract Jog Ball negates magnetism and repels it against the opposing bey. The tip is similar to the jog ball tip and titanium fang spin track but made out of steel.

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