Nuclear Bat Power JAGUltiExSetB is a balance-type bey and a prototype version of Universal Pegasus but a little more advanced and is a Crossover Bey-System beyblade. It is used by RenKrawler17 ever since he gave his Universal Pegasus to LeoneMaster. It will be seen in Team Elemental Warriors and Beyblade: Battle of the Bladers.

Screwtop: BatEdit

The Bat Screwtop is like any other screwtop except that it's made out of Copper. It's sticker shows a bat and sonic waves.

Elementzer: PowerEdit

The common Power Elementzer that this bey has as well as many other beys allows the bey to make a fierce attack to the opposing bey. The attack works at a suprising and very cool way: first, it charges at the other bey, suddenly the attack stops, then when the opposing bey least expects it the bey uses the attack again.

Constellbeyzer: January AquariusEdit

The January Aquarius Constellbeyzer that many other beys have can make a huge blast of water. Some beys that have this Constellbeyzer can also make small-sized tsunamis. Another thing that this Constellbeyzer can do is make the bey go very fast just like someone is surfing in the ocean.

Gem-Wheel: GarnetEdit

The Garnet Gem-Wheel is a very rare Gem-Wheel that helps the bey protect itself and have good defense. It's twinkley shine can create lots of light just like nuclear energy. The shine sometimes even confuses the other bey because it's to hard to find the other bey with that much light. The reason it has this ability is because when this Gem-Wheel was being created, many bottles of glitter fell on the Gem-Wheel.

Edition-Blade: UltimateEdit

The Ultimate Edition-Blade is an uncommon Edition-Blade that gives the bey more attack and speed. The colour of the Edition-Blade is a blend of orange, red, and yellow.

Weaponry-Track: Extreme SetEdit

The Extreme-Set Weaponry-Track is a super rare Weaponry-Track that has sharp weapons, power-ups, and speed power-ups. It has lots of help in attack, speed, and defense.

Extrabeyzer: BalanceEdit

The Balance Extrabeyzer is an uncommon Extrabeyzer that helps balance-type beys to become master balance-type beyblades. It has a rainbow-like colour.


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