This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Nova Pegasus is the evolution of Big bang pegasis after Ginga deafeated Nemesis with the legend bladers pegasus flew up and made a huge explosion in space and sparkled all across the world and Ginga called It Nova Pegasus. Now this beyblade is powerful than the previous pegasus and its a 5D system blade its special move is Vortex Grind, Big Bang Tornado ,Galaxy wing burst and star shooter attack. Now this beybelade has bad stamina but it has good defence and good smash attack. The metal Nova is 80% metal and has very good defence frome the energy ring. The energy ring is pegasus IIII and the colour is aqua blue and crimson red. The performance tip Rubber Flat Sharp is similar to F:D but has a little bit more stamina.

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