NovaBlur X:D

NovaBlur X:D is a Attack-type Beyblade created and owned by Manaphy12342.

Face Bolt: BlurEdit

The Face Bolt decipits the warrior of the light left after fast movement; Blur. The Face Bolt lights up to various colours during battle depending on it's mode:

Weight Mode: Yellow

Light Mode: Red

Upper Mode: Blue

Barrage Mode: Green

4D Fusion Wheel: NovaBlurEdit

The NovaBlur Fusion Wheel is split into three parts. The wheel is very light, similar to Ray, allowing for quick movement. One frame contains lights; which cause a blur of lights as it spins; creating an "outstanding" effect. It features four different modes:

Weight Mode: NovaBlur generates a Downward force; Increasing it's weight, Smash Attack and Defence while lowering it's speed.

Light Mode: NovaBlur generates a Upward force; Decreasing it's weight and Defence while raising it's Speed and Recoil Attack.

Upper Mode: NovaBlur switches to an uppercut pattern and increases it's weight slightly; which also decreases it's speed slightly too.

Barrage Mode: NovaBlur switches to a Barrage pattern. When in this mode; Blue sparks tend to appear upon collision with another bey. Weight is not changed.

4D Track: Xtreme Drive (X:D)Edit

The "Xtreme Drive" Track has three tips; XF, XD and XS. Upon request; The Tip changes in a similar fashion to Variares D:D's Delta Drive. It can also change height to go above the opponents bey. Doing this reflects light; causing a blur feature, allowing for the bey to seemingly go through the opponent.


  • Xtreme Drive - Change - The X:D changes tip (Can only be used in Midair)
  • Mode Change - The NovaBlur Wheel changes Mode.
  • Inferno Blur - Can only be used with the XF tip; NovaBlur circles the arena and creates a Inferno; hindering other beys.
  • Blurring Shockwave - Can only be used with the XS or XD tips; NovaBlur sits in the centre of the stadium and emits pulses; unbalancing beys.
  • Blurring Light - Can only be used with the XF tip; NovaBlur recieves a sudden burst of speed, increasing Speed and Attack for a short period.
  • Blurring Evasion - Can be used in any tip. The Bey rises in height and reflects light to seemingly make the opponents attack go straight through it with no effect.

Special Move Edit

  • The Seal of Orichalcos - The Demonic Seal of Orichalcos appears, transporting the beys to the Doma Orichalcos Arena.
  • SuperNova Overdrive - NovaBlur emits a huge pulse of light into the air, hitting a star. The star then is dragged down to the stadium and explodes, causing a Super Nova.
Attack: 11
Defense: 10
Speed: 10
Endurance: 14
Balance: 11
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

This article, NovaBlur X:D, is property of Manaphy12342.

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