This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Noctis Nyx O:N
It is a balance type owned by Blade0886.

Face Bolt: NyxEdit

It represents Nyx, the personification of the night.

Energy Ring: NyxEdit

It's black with a whirling form, like the night submerging the day. It has little rubber parts to absorb chocs.

Fusion Wheel: NoctisEdit

It's black in colour, with a smooth form like Burn in Stamina mode, looks like Poison in Balance Mode, but with 20 spikes instead of 15.

4D Performance Tip:Obscure NightEdit

It's made of the darkness of the night, making it immaterial and being capable to go to the highest speeds.


Light Steal(endurance): With the darkness of the tip, it steals light from aura's of other beys to convert it in it's own spin capacity. (Like spin Stealing.)

Immateriality of obscurity(attack): The tip of Nyx procures it incredible speed, so it can't be seen, and attacks the opponent at the speed of lightning.

Special Move: Fall of the NightEdit

The tip produces darkness all around the stadium and players, blinding the opponent bey. Note: Nyx isn't blinded by that darkness.

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