Nightmare Chao
Ekirby loves you by 0shinyeevee0-d386jli

NAME nightmare chao

SPECIAL MOVE evil nightcore darkness

ABILITY stamina

CREATURE eKirby (look to the right)

INFORMATION eKirby has a thing for putting its opponent in shock do to its scary features also it posseses a dark move called MADGIC MELODYwhen it sings it puts its opponent into a deep sleep and brings there soul to a world of nightmares the only way to avoid it is to not listen to the demons song. The demon used to kill and rule the egyptions in the dark ages until a man (gingkas ancester) trapped it in a beyblade for enternity so this thing is a living beyblade. The owner knows ryuga from HER childhood and is the only one (second person gingkas first) who can beat ryuga the demon lives inside of her and uses her energy to battle.


FACEBOLT a metal facebolt with a drop of blood with eKirbys tail wrapped around it

ENERGY RING its blood red colored with with darker red flames on it

FUSION WHEEL sharp and jagged spikes all around it

SPIN TRACK two blood red claws shaped like its tail

PERFORMENCE TIP a black and dark red rubber sharp tip

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