This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB


Nexus Zephyr MWD2F (Drive Gear) is a very powerful Attack Type and is easily the strongest bey in Beyblade:Neverending is equipped with the one of a kind Drive Gear,allowing the Spin Track to spin individually at extremely high speeds.


Face Bolt:Zephyr:It's motif shows a front facing black bird head and black wings,it is a clear blue. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Energy Ring:Zephyr:it has 2 wing like designs along the sides,the word Zephyr is engraved in the empty space,it has metal shavings inside and is a pearl black. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Fusion Wheel:Nexus:it bears a slight resemblance to Blitz in "Barrage Attack Mode",but the wings are more pointed with feather-like designs ingraved along them.The core of this wheel is rather heavy,upping a bey with a Nexus wheels attack power but downgrading its speed.It is navy blue. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Spin Track:Metal Wing:it is about the height of 105 and resembles ED145,the main difference is Metal Wing's jagged,metal edges.It is dark grey. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Metric Gear:Drive Gear:it has 2 gears coated in blue rubber,which seems useless,but creates a lot of friction inside the bey,enabling its special move.It has a small button hidden within a peg hole that triggers the mechanism while spinning.Due to Nexus's heavy core,the fast speed of this gear helps add fast speed for the bey itself,adding more attack power. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Performance Tip:Drive Flat 2:it looks like a Right Rubber Flat,only with a flat,metal bottom,this performance tip is only compatible with the "Drive Gear" because of a small peg that attaches and locks to the peg hole on the gear.,it is black with blue rubber.This Tip is alot like a CS,as when it gets hit it will lean onto the rubber and attack more aggresively.


Special Move(s):Drive Meteor:It can activate after the Drive Gear has built up enough friction,the bey catches flame and knocks the opponent into the air,it then goes of the edge of the stadium and crashes down on its opponent,this is capable of destroying beys.

Drive Tornado:This can activate when the Drive Gear reaches a certain speed,it creates a twister of very high speed air around Nexus Zephyr,drastically boosting its attack

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