Zero - Standing

face bolt: neo masterEdit

the face bolt depicts neo master an ancient beast that mastered the power of the neo space. the face bolt is made of crystals and marble.

energy ring: neoEdit

the energy ring has 2 giant hands coming out of it and it is colored baby blue. the energy ring can pop up his hands once he is almost defeated can use one of his abilities.

metal wheel: judgeEdit

the metal wheel judge is split in half and has a king like face on the metal wheel. it has 2 modes: peace mode (which you turn the face 90 degrees and it appeares to smile) and destruction mode (which you turn it 90 more degrees and it appears to be angry). in peace mode he moves swiftly increasing his speed. in destruction mode he increases his attack and defensive powers and shows no mercy.

spin track: hammer 180Edit

the spin track hammer 180 is a giant spin track with big hammers connected just like saggatario's claws. if the opponents bey gets hit by these hammers the opponent will get thrown far.

performance tip: vaporizerEdit

vaporizer is shaped like a pearl ball that has vents inside of it to blow out either ice or fire. fire because of the friction and ice because of the bey lowering its temperature.


orbit court: the bey shoots a special blast into the area and makes all the beys soround you and do not give them control of their bey.

ice bomb: neo shoots ice out of his vents and freezes the entire stadium and shoots hail at the enemy.

fire ball: shoots fire out of its vents.

signature move(s)Edit

neo light path: neo shoots out a powerful blast of stars and attacks them.

special moveEdit

crimson solar wave: neo blasts a wave of stars and gravity which makes the opponent fly into space for neo to jump on him with all his force.

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