This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-005 Necro Thresher is the sixth release in the Micro Disk System Beyblades. It is a Class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: ThresherEdit

Thresher resembles a "superdeformed" Pirahna skeleton with a large grin. It is drawn in metal powder and is a slightly raised surface. (Trans. Apricot)

Contact Ring: NecroEdit

Necro is a completely round Class-A Ring, it has a pattern of knuckled rib-shaped knuckles in a bidirectional pattern. Its specific ability is equalizing the left/right spin abilities.

Body Shell: Downward Saw Shallow Edit

D2S has a series of small ripples along its bottom surface, making low strikes supposedly dangerous for its opponent. (Trans. Crimson)

Spinpoint Shaft: Tall ShaftEdit

Tall Shaft is designed for shell attacks, but is optimized more as a tilt attack part. Tall Shaft focuses on tilt attacks as well (Trans. Maroon)

Spinpoint: Bearing Semi-SharpEdit

Bearing Semi-Sharp uses three NSK bearings to achieve proper effect on the small scale system. It behaves likewise a generic Semi-Sharp. (Trans. Maroon)

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