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Nature Dryad SC130PS
Elemental Dragons

Nature Dryad SC130PS is an Attack-type beyblade owned by Stormer100.

Face Bolt:DryadEdit

The face depicts a fireball,waterball,rock, and a tornado and in the middle is a dragon head.. Dryad has the abilities of Fire-Attack,Water-Stamina,Earth-Defense,Air-Stamina and Attack. Dryad can combine these modes into Fusion Mode which is Balance. Whenever a dragon(mode) is active it can control things in the stadium that are compatible to the elements.

Energy Ring:DryadEdit

The ring is a rainbow-colored opaque ring. Dryad consist of 4 elemental dragons. On ring are little points on them, these points represent the rigidges of a dragon.

Fusion Wheel:NatureEdit

The Nature wheel has two different sides, a rigid side and a smooth side.The rigid side provides good attack and the smooth side provides good defense.On the rigid side, are little points, so that espicially boost the attack.If the opponent bey is too close it can caught in between two points, thus, being dragged around.

Spin Track:SC130 (Spike Circle)Edit

The Spike Circle is a really good attack and defense track. The track is a circle that consist of short spikes.The circle does not move, it stays still, but this still provides good defense and even some attack.Since the circle does not move, the other Bey can get caught in them if too close.This track also has an ability, Reflect. Reflect is when the Bey gets attacked, then the Bey starts to spin a little faster then attacks with the same power.

Performance Tip: PS (PlottedSharp)Edit

Weight:5 grams

The PlottedSharp is a really good stamina tip.The tip is actually made of metal, so it provides good weight,so this makes a really good stamina type.This also provides a little defense.In stadiums such as the 360 stadium, the tip can spin on the ceiling or the side, hence the name plotted sharp.

Stats: Nature Dryad SC130PSEdit

{{Stats |Attack=70 |Defense=65 |Balance=55 |Stamina=60 |Speed=45 |}

  • Special Move(s):

Tornado: A whirlwind-like attack that consist of telekinetic sharp pointed tornados. This move can graduallly take away balance from the other bey.

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