"Love and Hatred are expressions belonging to a human being but only Death is the ultimate certainty in Existence."

- Naraku

Naraku Houran [奈落 放卵] is the alias of a Beyblader that uses the Beyblade "Blast Fenrir 133WD"

Basic Character ProfileEdit

Real Name: ???

Also known as:

  • Naraku Houran [奈落 放卵 (Naraku Houran)] (lit. "Spawn of Hades")
  • Grim Reaper [死神 (Shinigami)] (lit: "God of Death")

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Nationality: ???

Beyblade: Blast Fenrir 133WD

Friends: ???

Enemies: ???

Character InformationEdit

Naraku is a Blader with no memories. He battles to regain fragments of his past.

He appears very distant to others, unable to open his heart on anything as he remembers next to nothng about himself other than his age which was determined by proper medical examination and a mysterious figure known as "Enma" appearing in his subconsciousness.

He is a tall young man with long sky blue hair and silvery white eyes. He is dressed in what appears to be gunmetal-colored "sneaking suits" outfit fastened by dusty gold motifs. His Bey-Launcher is attached to his left gauntlet.

Beyblade InformationEdit

Blast Fenrir 133WD represents the legendary ice wolf Fenrir rather than a constellation.


  • Naraku Houran is the Beyblader counterpart of Rengoku Houran, a Bakugan Fanon Character whose based around the concept of "re-envisioning a canonical character whose eventual fate is left to the reader."
  • His Battle theme song is "I love you, I'll kill you" by Enigma.


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