Monty Rikizen is a semi-main protaganist appearing in Beyblade: Metal X.
Monty Rikizen
Also known as: MeteoLibra2363
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Flame Libra T125ES

Basalt Libra T125ES (Wheel changed) Gravity Libra T125ES (Wheel changed)

Gender: Male
Race: African-American, Jewish
Age: 13 (World Championships Arc)

14 (Kronos Arc) 15 (Legacy Bladers Arc)

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Family: Tabyrus (Younger Brother)

Nikala (Sister)

Friends: Chance Bryanto, Jeremiah Varontine (sometimes)
Enemies: Jeremiah Varontine
Occupation: Blader
Quote: "Oh, god, that sounds WRONG!"
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Beyblade: Metal X


Jeremiah, slightly racistly, comments that Monty has a chocolate skin tone. He also has black hair.


Usually, Monty is calm and collected. But when an opponent is really tough to beat, he becomes frantic and panicked. When Monty gets a present or something positive, he is overexcited. He also thinks that everthing could be slang for... something adultly. He follows Chance around like a lovesick puppy, too. Usually, Monty and Jeremiah ask Chance, "Who's your best friend, me or him?!", to which Chance responds, "Both."


World Championships ArcEdit

Monty is the sub-member for Team Starbladers.

Kronos ArcEdit

Monty is helping Chance to stop Chaos End.

Legacy of the Legendary Bladers ArcEdit

Monty is the third Legacy Blader.

The Egyptian Gods, Horus and Anubis ArcEdit

Monty plays a minor role in this Arc, for he does not have an Egyptian God Bey.


Golden Libra (黄金の鱗 koganiero taiju kei) is the Bit-Beast inside Monty's Beys.

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