Molten Puma
Walking the Cat

Puma is an attack type bey that is very fast. The owner of it is Tyler the legendary fan girl. This was under the disguise of Blueberry Storm Leorpard but it was actually Puma in a disguise. It's a female bey.

Face Bolt: PumaEdit

The face bolt depicts a puma with a chain around it's neck looking to the side.

Energy Ring: PumaEdit

A hot pink clear energy ring with the design of claws.

Fusion Wheel: MoltenEdit

It is black and silver and the silve parts are holes and craters and the silver parts turn orange when it's spinning. A defensive type fusion wheel.

4D Tip: Grind Drive Edit

It makes your bey faster by grinding parts to make wind.


Queen Puma: Tries to flip the opposing Bey.

Puma Smash: Jumps and smashes the tip into the opposing bey.

Claw Buster: Smashes opposing bey with its wheel.

Special MoveEdit

Molten Deathly Portal (MDP) : This is an unescapable portal in which the opponents beyblade is being melted and burned. In addition, the opponent feels great pain. Only Tyler determines when the bey will be released from the portal. This takes much of Pumas energy though.

Molten Puma's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
70 60 50 115 50

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