This is a reference guide to recommended names for mismatching Facebolts and Clear Wheels

NOTE: These are subject to update or change
Face Bolt Clear Wheel Name
Ketos Omega (Red/Silver) Cancer/Gasher Alpha Delphinus
Cetus Wolf Meta Driver
Ketos Omega (Red/Silver) Leone

Omega Delphinus

Cetus Sagittario N/A
Raven Leone Lesser Raven
Raven Wolf Greater Raven
Northern Cross Cancer/Gasher N/A
Northern Cross Wolf Northern Cross
Northern Cross Leone N/A
Hydra Leone Hydra
Hydra Wolf Hydra Minor
Hydra Sagittario Hydra Major
Hydra Cancer/Gasher N/A
Raykon (Falcon) Wolf Raykon
Raykon (Falcon) Leone


L-Drago Wolf H-Drago

(Disclaimer: This guide follows the views of Aggregate 0072 and does not reflect the ideals of any Beyblade domain on Wikia.)

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