Meteo L-Drago LW90 LSF

Face Bolt: L-DragoEdit

This Face Bolt depics L-Drago on a translucent orange face bolt. The Face contains the sacred L-Drago bit beast with overwhelming strength.

Energy Ring: L-DragoEdit

The energy ring has 3 dragon heads swirling around it and they have rubber on them for maximized spin steal the energy ring is white and orange in color.

Fusion Wheel: MeteoEdit

This fusion wheel is made of molten metal that has been cooled and is extremely hard. The energy ring can change between two different modes(regular, upper attack). The fusion has the dragon heads on regular when ripped at the begining of the match. It can change in a match though.

Spin Track: LW90Edit

The spintrack is similar to RW105 except it is facing left and is lower. The spin track pushes air upwards to the left to regenerate spinning in a match.

Performance Tip: LSFEdit

LSF Stands for left star flat, it is similar to R2F but is left rotating and has 5 points on it like a star would have. This per formance tip maximizes spin steal and Attack.


1: Dragon Rush, this ability allows the bey to circle around the stadium at amazing speed in opposite direction to send the other bey flying.

2: Dragon Revive: The bey forces itself to clash with the other bey to steal spin and make the other bey loose stamina.

3: Destruction Drive: The bey gets in the center of the stadium and release 75% of meteo L-Dragos full power to fling other beys to the edge of the stadium.

Special MoveEdit

Soaring Molten Dragon Strike: The bey hits the other bey in the air and then in upper attack rushes straight up under the bey and pushes it as high as it can go and then goes above it and pushes it down and grinds it against the ground until it is no more.

Meteo L-Drago LW90 LSF's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
80 50 35 40 40

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