Madoka Amano (天野まどか, Amano Madoka) is one of the main protoganists in the Metal Saga.

Gender: Female

Dark Proto 130F

Friends: Ginga, Kenta, Osamu, Akira, and Takashi
Enemies: Benkei, Busujima, Testuya, Doji, Mizuchi Reggie, and Mei Mei
Wins: 0
Losses: 1
Occupation: Mechanic at the B-Pit labs

Metal Tides CanonEdit

Madoka Amano is a determined mechanic and owner of a famous WBBA-Sponsored store known as the B-Pit. In this canon she is portrayed as a warm but relatively stern individual, similar to Max Tate's mother in Bakuten Shoot Beyblade. Her clothing is an antithesis of the original Metal Saga canon. Instead of wearing noticeably short and sporty small-sized tops and bottoms, she wears a more heavy and overlapping uniform in conformity to her lab-woman attitude. Her top is a Maroon long-sleeved vinyl jacket with gold and orange tops underneath, she wears a light brown leather belt. Her bottoms are a tight blue jeans and black knee-high vinyl boots with silver buckles. She still uses the same SSD-based Netbook laptop.

The Bey-Garage she operates is a clean room type area made specifically for Beyblade repair and RPM stress test. She forbids anyone to directly access it, especially with those she even trusts. To assure quick return of a newly-restored or repaired and inspected Beyblade she uses a C02-Driven capsule shoot system. Each capsule is different, to assure maximum cleanliness standards. Her shop in this canon is relatively huge in comparison. Having a stock of nearly 90,000 complete Beyblades in one executive business day and maximum purchase for one day. Each week she gets over 3,000 new stocks and keeps them in discreet holding bays until appropriate restocking session is requested.

In Metal Tides Madoka is contrasted in her personality. She is a calm neatness-obsessed tech expert who at one point snapped at Ginga for slinging mud when using his Beyblade to thwart the Face Hunter's members. Despite building and maintaining Beyblades for all people, Madoka is rather mute about actually competing but opened up to a boy named Aleksei during a scene in the first Ark episode 16. She told Aleksei of her broken past with Beyblading and had called it quits when a bully known as Busujima shattered her Beyblade with a golden Escolpio WD145B. In a later Ark, he gives her Dark Proto 130F

Unlike the original Metal Saga, Madoka eventually witnesses a Beyblade going through the Superficial Overture Stage, or evolution, this inspired her to repair various Beyblades with parts notably more pricey than regular Light Wheels. Including the very common Storm and Infinity wheels. Unlike the original Metal Saga, she also possesses knowledge of various famous and infamous Beyblades throughout history. Though when it comes to Forbidden Beyblades and optimized Beyblades (Maximum Series).

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