This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Bull 125SF is a Beyblade appearing in Beyblade: Metal Tides , it is the first Beyblade of Benkei Hanawa.

Face Bolt: BullEdit

The face on this Beyblade depicts a Bull, which is represented by Taurus in the Zodiac. (Trans. Pale Orange)

Metal Wheel: Bull (Special Edition)Edit

The Bull Wheel consists of two long, sloped wings adjacent to each other, both ending in a point. Along with this, there are two half-circles on a slight incline in the space between the slopes, emulating the nose rings sometimes worn by bulls. (Metallic red W/ Metallic Dark Blue center)

Spin Track: 125Edit

The 125 Track is a midway between the 105 and the 145 Tracks. Utilized in mid-height Stamina combos, it is more difficult to destablize compared to 145 height Stamina combos. It has declined in popularity as the choice mid-height Track due to the release of gimmicked tracks of the same height, such as T125 and D125. (Trans. Pale Orange)

Tip: SFEdit

SF is wider than Sharp but not as wide as any Flat Bottom. It produces a movement pattern that, while it is aggressive, is much slower than any Flat Bottom. (Trans. Pale Orange)


  • This is the fourth ever 4-Layer Beyblade seen outside of the Manga

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