Metal Saga: Special Edition is an interlude between Beyblade: Shogun Steel and Beyblade: Metal Legend.




User Character Beyblade Affiliation Theme
Dragon Slayer


E·N·D Star L-Drago B160EMF The Dragon's Heir Fierce Battle


N/A(L-Drago Destroy F:S) N/A Ryuga's theme
Aoi Lightning Seiryuu 100MF The Dragon's Heir Himura Kenshin
Sakura Immortal Suzaku F160MD The Dragon's Heir Happy theme
Akane Fang Byakko C145XF The Dragon's Heir Zinnia music
Momo Ocean Genbu BD145MB The Dragon's Heir Dearest
Haruka Holy Kouryu CH120W2D The Dragon's Heir L's theme


One day,E·N·D suddenly felt a  kind of tremendous power,and that power guided him to The Lost Kingdom,where The Nemesis Crisis took place 1,000 years ago. He touched a golden sphere,then it resonated with him,and a golden armored dragon appeared. The dragon revealed its story to E·N·D and finally left a beyblade to him. After that,E·N·D used this bey to battle against others,and he won all the battles with ease. A woman called Aoi challenged him,but was beaten after a fierce battle. E·N·D recognized her power and asked her to accompany him. Later,they founded The Dragon's Heir with Aoi's 4 other sisters,Sakura,Akane,Momo and Haruka


  1. The Forgotten History
  2. The Dragon's Heir