Mere Gull B:F
Mere Gull is balance type Bey that can change into 4 modes which are listed below. It is owned by Duskinoirgull22.

Face Bolt: GullEdit

The Facebolt Depicts a Gull that's a hybrid between a Eagle and a human and represents freedom. When Gull changes mode the Face Bolt changes color along with it.

Mere Mode: White and Blue

Duskinoir Mode: Black and Red

Bloody Mode: Light Red and Dark Red

Nightmare Mode: Black and Purple

Energy Ring: GullEdit

A balanced Wheel with decent weight, and defense with resemblance of a Tempo's Energy Ring. It is colored in white and blue.

4D Fusion Wheel: MereEdit

Metal FrameEdit

A large silver circular shaped metal frame with two sharp blades on the opposite side of each other, for deadly attacks. It is able to change into Bloody Mode if the blades are visible and Duskinoir Mode when it's kept hidden, this Metal Frame is able to freespin or locked.


A Rubber Core that fits perfectly on Mere's Metal Frame it has 2 large rubber spikes sticking out, to reduce attack or prevent spin stealing, the rubber are also able to use for attack. these spikes are able to kept hidden like the Metal frame or becomes visible, it is colored in Black.

4D Drive: B:F Edit

B:F works just like X:D tip but much more thicker and heavier in a 230mm height. B:F have 4 Tips that are able to use and switch during battle. XF, RWBS, EDS and RF. Each tip are able to use in a certain mode, so as soon as blader changes Tip it automatically changes mode by itself. It is colored in Sky Blue.


Mode Change:

  1. Mere Mode: When all blades, and spikes and hidden and the tip is EDS.
  2. Dusknoir Mode: When the Blades are hidden and Spikes a activated, and uses in RWBS.
  3. Bloody Mode: The Spikes are hidden while the Blades a locked, and it uses RF.
  4. Nightmare Mode: When the Blades and Spikes are all visible, it uses XF.

Bloody Cut: By using the Blades it attack opponents, with high speed and power caused by the free spinning metal frame. only able to use this in Bloody Mode and Nightmare Mode.

Rubber Fling: Using the Rubber Spike, it flings any nearby opponent high in the air and attack it when it comes down. This can only be able to use in Duskinoir Mode and Nightmare Mode.

Special Move: Hell OpeningEdit

Hell Opening is when the user creates a portal to hell and demons come out claw and the bey until there is nothing left then drages the bit-beast to hell, this happenes in demon mode and only with Nightmare Gull because it is Second in Command in Hell. (Nobody knows how this happened, not even the owner.)

Mere Gull B:F's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
50 50 60 100 50

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