This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Mecha Pulsar Liger Apus Claw Slash Mk ∞is a bey in the Double Strike series of beyblade and is owned by Recon.

Extreme Face Bolt: Apus V Edit

This facebolt has a split-screen design of a bird diving head first and a white liger pouncing.

Double Strike Energy Ring: Liger ApusEdit

Inside Ring: Apus VEdit

The Apus ring is a normal ring in the shape of two birds circling the facebolt; it fits inside the Liger ring, it is blue.

Outside Ring: LigerEdit

The Liger ring is a free spinning ring that fits around and under the Apus ring so it can be free spinning. It is in the shape of 3 Ligers circling the Apus ring, it is white.

Double Strike Fusion Wheel: Mecha PulsarEdit

Part I: MechaEdit

This Wheel part is shaped like three winged ligers circling the fusion wheels, it is free spinning and it is right spinning, it is the top of the wheel.

Part II: PulsarEdit

The second part in the wheel, it is shaped like two birds circling each other, it is free spinning and it is left spinning, it absorbs all the damage and sends it to the Mecha wheel to be used as Power and Stamina.

Part III: Mecha BoosterEdit

This part contains a spin booster which can save the bey from spin-out.

Part IV: Pulsar BlasterEdit

This part contains two parts the slide out like a pulsar realesing its waves of energy.

Buster Core: Claw SlashEdit

Part I: ClawEdit

This part has Gyro's in it so Liger Apus can keep its balance, and keep track of the information it gathers.

Part II: SlashEdit

This part contains a plunger tube and a powerful spring so it can jump.

Strike Spin Tip: MK ∞Edit

The MK ∞ is a 4D Performance Tip but is called a Strike Spin Tip, it contains the power of a 1000 galaxies all compacted into a very small, dense spike surrounded by metal to contain its powerful energy. The tip is like the MS tip but its bottom has a small hole in it which is there so the Galactic energy can be realesed so the bey can soar into the heavens.


  • This bey has 2 Artificial Bit-Beasts.

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