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Also known as: Dark Beyblader
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Crossfire V
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 16
Hair color: Magenta Purple
Eye color: Purple
Family: None
Friends: Lina Vuen
  • Rina Vuen
  • Alisha Sanara
  • Tala Valkov
Enemies: Voltaire Hiwatari
  • Boris Balkov
Occupation: Chef; Beyblader
Quote: "I am superior to you and you just can't accept that."
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: "New Kid in Town"

Maya is a central character of Beyblade:G-Revolution. She is the leader of Bladers-X. Her bit-beast is Crossfire.


Maya was submitted to BIOVOLT after she was discovered in her home-town, New York, and it was in BIOVOLT that the visor she wears was attached to her face, to promote her accuracy in releasing her Beyblade.


Maya is silent, sultry, and vigilant, and she tends to be sarcastic when she does speak, often resulting in Alisha calling her a meanie, or something of the like. She is quite mean, rarely complimenting someone, and when she does, she typically covers it up with an insult.

When she battles, she often intimidates her opponents just by her look, and taunts them. She mantains a calm and cold demeanor, even if she's losing, and keeps her concentration.




Maya's eyes are revealed

Maya has long light magenta hair and wears a magenta visor that covers her eyes that she gained while in BIOVOLT, a red marking on her forehead. She wears a modfied greek mythology short black dress, magenta collar-like choker, bands and handcuffs with long black sleeves, cutoff black legging with magenta armor to the legs, and black motorcycle boots.



Beyblades & AttacksEdit



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