Majestic Savour MS UV

Majestic Saviour MS UV
Owner: Gallantmon v.X, MaleficSaviour
Launcher KC Mas Production Duel Disk, Organic Dragon
Type: MS UV Stamina
Evolution Divine Saviour MS:UV

Face Bolt:

This Face Bolt depicts the Majestic Saviour, the "Master Warrior" that was sealed away during a mighty battle. It's constellation was recently found.

Energy Ring:

  • Weight: 2.0 Grams
Saviour is an Energy Ring with a blue flame-like design. Its bottom magnetically attracts directly onto the Fusion Wheel, which allows it to spin in any direction. If used correctly with the Center Wheel, this Bey can spin in reverse for long periods of time.

Fusion Wheels:

  • Weight: 2.5 Grams
Majestic Saviours has 3 different wheels attatched. Each wheel is similar to that of a circle saw. These wheeles work directly with its top, center, and bottom layers in the Savour Ring. While spinning the the top and bottom wheel stores energy from each piece while secretly absorbing the opponents energy. The energy stolen, is then multipled as the core rotates. The center wheel, cuts and manipulates the air around it drastically increasing its speed and attack.

Spin Tracks:

The Tracks Design is Simillar to the Fusion Wheel. This Track Has 3 Modes. Each Varies By The Stats:

Attack This Track Boosts Attack While The Two Beys Are Colliding. This Track Manipulates The Fusion Wheeles Forcing Them Creating A Friction of Energy. This Energy is Then Sent To The Track In Turn, Increasing the Attack.
Deffense This Track Decrease The Percent Of Damage Taken. This Track Manipulates The Beys Ability To Spin In Reverse, in Doing So, The Bey Spins In The Opposite Dirrection as The Attacking Bey.
Speed This Track Decrease The Opponents Ability To Hit. By Switching to The 5cm tip, The wind that was maniputalted by the wheels creates a somewhat small Tornado Under The Wheels, Increasing The Tips Rotation and in Turn Speed.

Performance Tips:

Weight: 5 Grams

The Metalic Sharp is a customized varient of the Rubber Sharp preformance tip. The MS, is made of iron, and has a pointed tip at the bottom instead of a curve. The MS is meant for increase in speed and sharper turns. The pointed center allows the bey to balance on the edges of the arena. The tip also keeps the bey sturdy keeping balance and in turn giving it stamina. There Are 3 Different Tips:

Standard 1cm
Extended 5cm
Drubable Round Bottom


Majestic Slash (Attack)

The Fusion Wheel rapidly rotates, creating some sort of "Crush Mode", in turn, sawing into the opponent's Bey or any grip they may have on the Bey.

Defenders Mind (Defense)

The Bey spins in one place. An electromagnetic barrier forms around it. However, it cannot move until it's been attacked at least, six times. Any attack sent by the opponents Bey, is dealt back to that Bey with twice the force.

Crystal Saviour (Speed)

The Wheels spin in reverse (Top/Bottom: Left Center:Right), lowering the temperature, creating a frozen barrier around the Bey that automatically freezes any other Bey touched, regardless who touched it. Unknown to the opponent, even after the Bey thaws out, there is ice on the tip, slowing the Stamina and Speed by ten. As long as there are strong winds, this ability is in play.


Biomerge: Golden Saviour

The Bey Turns Gold As It Recovers From Some Injuries. While Gold, It May Activate 1 of The Following:

Majestic Meteor Barrage:

The Bey Flies Sky High, Leaving A Vortex of Golden Colored Wind. Once in the sky, it spins at an unbelievable amount of speed, creating multiple Golden Saviours. The Cloned Saviours Combust. Afterwards, each duplicate Saviour does a Barrage using its Energy and The Opponents Energy Against The Opponent Bey. Even 1 Hits Is Critical Due To The Opponent Taking 2X Damage.

Majestic Savior's Statistcs:

Attack Defense Balance Stamina Speed
140 120 120 200 135


  • This One of The Strongest Newbie Beyblades.


This article, Majestic Saviour MS UV, is property of Gallantmon v.X.

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