This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-012 Macroshell 8S is the thirteenth release in the Beyblade Micro Disk System via Random B-Booster Vol. 1: Macroshell 8S. It is a Class-C top.

Trajectory Cap: Macroshell 8SEdit

Macroshell's symbol is the topside of a King Crab, drawn in a wide profile and slightly raised. (Trans. Salmon)

Contact Ring: 8S (Octagon)Edit

8S is the least common B-Class contact ring, has the similar effect to 9S.

Compound Spinpoint: Change Height Semi-SharpEdit

The first spinpoint with a function using a fixed shaft and tip. The metal shaft (at the end) can be twisted to change the height of its semi-sharp tip. The very tip can be pulled out and locked back in for the effect. (Light Orange)

Note: Using this part in customs reduces the parts to 4

Body Shell: Shallow FanbladeEdit

One of the lightest body shells, the effect of the fanblade pattern doesn't cause air to flow, but makes it weigh exponentially less at the bottom, concentrating weight at the top-half of the Beyblade. (Light Orange)

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