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Lunar Utopia UDR150 M:S

Lunar Utopia is a bey that was created by a explorer named Django.It is a balance type due to its preformance track and it's special tip M:S(stands for Multi-Survival).

Face BoltEdit

The Facebolt on here is Utopia. It is a legendary swordsman with wings. It is colored Gold and Black.

Hybrid Wheel:UtopiaEdit

Utopia has moon and sword like designs and during battle it can eject rubber that a bit wider than the fusion wheel to spin steal or increase its speed.Utopia also has the ability to change its spin direction during battle.

Fusion Wheel:LunarEdit

Lunar has a cresent and wing like design for attack and it has 4 modes Attack,Stamina,Defence and F:F(stands for Final Fight).The modes can be change anytime during battle.


Attack mode is the basic mode when Utopia starts off.Attack mode is the best mode do to right amounts of damage from the cresent's edge and the wings.


Stamina mode is when the wings are replace with ther cresent and all the cresent are facing upward.Also the cresent's Edges are now rubber to promote Stamina.


Defense mode is when the cresent are replaced with wings.The wings are filled with a special mineral to help the bey holds its ground and counters back at its opponents


F:F is when the bey shoots cresents at the opponents but thebey cannont change modes and all of its stats are reduce to nothing for the fight.


Uder 150 is like BD145 but at a 150 height and is made out of rubber(to promote spin stealing or to increase its speed).UDR145 also has the ability to spring out spikes for attack and helps the bey keeps its balance.


M:S has a wide selection of tip to be use and can be switch anytime during battle.The tips are XRF(Attack)DRS(Stamina)and MB2(Defense).

XRF(Extreme Rubber Flat)Edit

XRF is like XF but made out of rubber.XRF is highly unstabile and creates a different attack everytime the bey makes contact with the opponents.

DRS(Drill Rubber Sharp)Edit

DRS is when the bey drill into the stadium a bit to prevent movement and increase stamina.Also when the drill is in affect it's effect is like DF145.

MB2(Metal Ball ver.2)Edit

MB2 is a upgraded version of MB.When MB2 is in affect sparks fly out from the bottom damaging the opponents and increasing friction for the bey.

Lunar Utopia UDR150M:S StatisticsEdit

Lunar Utopia UDR150 M:S's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
55 60 50 145 35


  • Rush absorb- The bey repeatedly smashes the opponent to absorb it's stamina.The bey will automatically spin in the opposite in order to absorb the opponent.

Special MovesEdit

  • Dark Lunar Eclipse -Cancels other special moves with darkness that spreads towards the opponents and disrupt the frequency to activate their special move no matter where in the battlefield they are.

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