Lina Vuen
Also known as: Shira
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Amphitrite
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 14
Hair color: White
Eye color: Gold-Ember
Family: Rina Vuen (older sister)

Henry Vuen (older brother)

Friends: Alisha Sanara
  • Maya
  • Rina Vuen
  • Katy
Enemies: Blitzkrieg Boys

AllStarz (at a time)

Occupation: Server/Waitress/Beyblader
Quote: "Everything is always going to have a down. I just don't acknowledge that down."
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: "New Kid in Town"

Lina Vuen is a central character of Beyblade: G-Revolution and a member of Bladers-X. Her bit-beast is Amphitrite.


Lina is American-Japanese, her mother being Japanese and her father American. She grew up in Tyson's Town, but was born in New York.


Although often described as a steampunk teenageer, Lina is timid, serene, and very polite, always using appropriate name suffixes. She is very kind, a trait that her brother consider a flaw, and dislikes competing and fighting. Possibly as a result of her brother's contempt for her, Lina lacks self-confidence, but is very hard working. She is also incredibly empathetic, and identifies with those too shy "to shine". Generally, Lina opts to think carefully before acting, and when she does manage to muster enough self-confidence, she can be surprisingly competent. She becomes more open about her opinion as the anime progresses.



Lina has extremely long white hair, a trait she gains from her father, that is in two pigtails with black ball hair-pins with red eyeballs on them and with several loose hair and golden-ember eyes, a trait she gets from her mother. She had a lavender purple marking underneath her right eye, and fair lightly tanned skin.


Lina Goggles

Another view of Lina's goggles

The most noticable piece of Lina's outfit is her interesting "eye" goggles. They feature animated eyes, one open and showing a blue iris and the other closed. When casual, she wears this goggles atop her head, but in cases of battling and meeting new people, she wears them on her forehead. She has only used her goggles as actual goggles.

Lina wears a black-red jacket with a large zipper on the front and a yellow collar. She also wears a yellow checker-designed skirt with torn black stockings and black snow boots with cotton leg-warmers. She also wears a pair of black gloves, but this appears to be only when battling.



Beyblades and AttacksEdit


Bladers X

Bladebreakers (cheerleader)


  • Lina wonders if she can beat her brother
  • Lina's expression of uncertainty
  • Another view of Lina
  • Lina's goggles
  • Lina's full appearance, with slight glow effect

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