This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

Lightning Zeus T:D is a Beyblade in the Delta Triangle. He is the one who trained Perseus and Theseus to be Delta Beys . He is owned by Carmer's Grandfather later in the series when he hit earth as a shooting star. He is the most powerful Beyblade in the series.

Facebolt: ZeusEdit

This facebolt depicts Zeus, the Greek god of thunder and lightning. It shows the leafy crown he wears and lightning coming from the letter Z.

Energy Ring: ZeusEdit

  • Weight: 3.9 grams

Zeus shows smoke coming from yellow lightning bolts. This is a left/right spin piece.

Fusion Wheel: LightningEdit

  • Weight: 30 grams

The Lightning wheel has 2 modes (Upper Attack Mode and Multi-Hit Mode) to it, which can be alternated by rotating the Energy Ring 180 degrees. 1 mode has 3 joined little bumps, for a rapid Multi-hit. It is very useful against Beyblades that are knocked off balance easily. The other mode has 3 large slopes forming a triangle, and produce an impeccable amount of Smash Attack. In the anime, Ryuga uses this mode for his Dark Move mode, because this mode is the better out of the two.

4D Peformance Tip: Thunder DriveEdit

Thunder Drive is a performance tip that makes Lightning Zeus hit opponent and then keep hitting them over and over till either Zeus loses power or the opponent loses.

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