Lightning Tiger C145W2D
Lightning Tiger!

Lightning Tiger C145W2D is the ultimate balance type bey used by Asansol blaze featuring a tiger.


The facebolt depicts a tiger roaring at the person who is looking at the bey.

Energy Ring:TigerEdit

The energy ring is of 4D type with very sophisticated functions.It resembles 13 claws of a tiger.

Fusion wheel:LightningEdit

The fusion wheel is lightning,giving it power absorbing abilities thus making it a great attacking bey.

Spin Track:C145 Edit

The fusion wheel of a tiger is C145 enabling it making poweful claw attacks though it has 7 claws instead of 3.It also has a mode change of 130 spin track during defence mode.

Performance Tip:W2DEdit

W2D allows tiger give a magnificient defence to the bey.During attack mode,it gets changed to the LF mode giving it a powerful attack ability.


  • Tiger claw attack:- Tiger claw attack is a powerful claw attack in which three claws of the tiger come out and hits the bey getting the bey several cracks.
  • Great Glacier Defence:- Great glacier defence makes a huge glacier which protects the bey from enemy hits.It can be used for attacking purpose too.
  • Camouflage Guard:- In this ability,the bey hides itself in an atmosphere of a jungle which makes the opposing bey difficult to find the bey.

Special MoveEdit

  • Tiger's Ultimate Fang :- During this move the bey shows off a huge aura,then it takes out 13 claws out of it's spin track.Then with full force strucks it's opponenet.It has the capacity to cut down a huge tornado easily at well.

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