Liano Cygnus WW105 MCD

Liano Cygnus WW105 MCD is powerfuldefence type owned by brequ1's father b28reque. It is also the father of platinum cygnus

Face CygnusEdit

the face looks like a curled swan facing upwards. it is tattoed on a celeste facebolt

clear wheel cygnusEdit

the clear wheel has 4 dull swan heads pointing to the right. Each swan head appears to have 2 completely black eyes and also has 9 feathers over lapping each other and pointing to the right. it is aqua-marine colour.

4D wheel lianoEdit

the liano wheel has 4 modes. stamina mode, attack mode, defence mode and defence-stamina mode

PC frameEdit

the PC frame is completly circular exept one side contains bumps that can attatch to the wheel fixed. When fliped it spins, which is stamina mode

Metal frameEdit

the metal frame contanes 16 small blades that causes lots of recoil on the opponent. when flipped the blades are facing upwards, which is attack mode, if facing downward,it's on defence mode. The PC frame can't be put on stamina mode on attack mode other wise it will fall


the core polycarbonate plastic and containes metal flakes. it is completly circular.

track WW105 (wide wing 105Edit

this track's wings is widdest so defence is extremly high. the problem of this trackis it's low hight and the wings hit the ground

Bottom MCD (metal coated defenceEdit

this bottom metal defence makes the bey's defence. the rubber coating makes the bey have lots speed


High speed dashEdit

the bey can dash at high speeds because of it's MCD

Weakening Wing

the bey will rub againsed the opponent which the blades on liano cygnus causes the opponents attack and balance to weaken

Air Change

the bey can change modes in battles

Special MoveEdit

Zeus tornado stormEdit

the bey makes a huge lightning and tornado storm with it's wings which causes the bey to have a sleep out.

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